Diwali 2018:

Our home sweet home diwali 2018:

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diwali 2018


Love for skirts:

Hey lovely ladies tune up your body with the skirty trend because skirts are not only pretty and breezy but also fun and flouncy.So ladies with these ūüĎᬆLovely skirts you can lend some effortless chic to your outfit.:

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Tips to protect your pout:Lip care summer

Lip care is often an afterthought in our skin routines. But since lips typically bear the brunt of seasonal changes, they need some extra care to keep them in good condition. Here,I am sharing tips to help keep your pout hydrated and protected all season.

Exfoliate weekly

A good scrub will contain moisturising as well as exfoliating agents so let the scrub absorb into your lips by leaving on for a minute or so. Use a damp wash cloth to wash off the dead skin.Going for exfoliating your lips weekly will make your lips look  soft and smooth.


SPF protection for lips

Sun protection all the year round is not only important for your body but also for your lips.Lips have no melanin, which makes them more susceptible to sun damage caused by UV exposure.Use a lipbalm with SPF 15 or higher to protect your lips from sun tan.Apply it to your pout and re apply atleast every two hours for optimal protection.baby lips 6

Moisturise Daily:

baby lips 2

These are the ways with the help of which you can moisturise your lip

  1. Homemade Honey Lip Scrub. …
  2. Brush with a Soft Toothbrush. …
  3. Homemade Beeswax Lip Balm. …
  4. Drink Plenty of Water. …
  5. Opt for Natural if You Buy. …
  6. Almond Oil. …
  7. Vitamin E. …
  8. Invest in a Humidifier.